I approach my wedding and portrait photography as I approach all other aspects of my photography. Offering an efficient and professional service shooting high quality and natural pictures with minimal interference on the day in a flexible and adaptable way.

Aiming to go beyond the pictures that have become the norm when it comes to wedding and portrait photography I draw on many years of experience as a documentary photographer and aim to go ‘Behind the Veil‘ and shoot the story of your day. To photograph what it was like so that those memories don’t get lost and to create a record that will last a lifetime. Real pictures for real people.

With my portrait work I shoot very naturally, away from the confines and the limitations of a studio. Whether it is pictures of you or as a family group spending time together or involved in an activity, hobby or pastime I shoot in my documentary style creating a series of unique pictures.

Based in Saltburn by the Sea in Cleveland but able to travel I offer various options or I can build the shoot around your requirements. If you have an idea or something you want to try then get in touch and we can have a chat about how we might achieve it.

This blog is dedicated to my wedding and portrait photography and will show some of the latest pictures from each.

For other examples of my work feel free to visit my website and see my portfolio and then follow the other links to my blogs.

If you would like to comment then feel free to get in touch on here or via email, the details are below or by using – Facebook, Linkedin, twitter @ Togian, Vimeo or Flickr.

For questions, information, advice and quotes on the wedding and portrait service I offer please email me at ianforsyth2003@yahoo.co.uk





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